Custom Gas Solutions, LLC offers consulting expertise to the specialty gas, industrial, and pharmaceutical industries in the areas of gas mixture preparation, gas mixture analysis, compressed gas delivery systems to point of use, and third party analysis.  You specify your needs and Custom Gas will deliver with our specialized services.


Analytical Consulting Services

   - Methods Development

   - Spectroscopic (FTIR)

   - Sub part per million analysis

   - Mass Spec analysis (GC)

   - Ultratrace

   - Dedicated/online analysis

   - Third party testing and analysis





   Special expertise exists in the development, manufacture, and implementation of FTIR gas analytical systems.



Gas Formulation

   Custom Gas Solutions, LLC will customize compressed gas mixtures for individual needs.

   All compressed gas mixtures are prepared using state of the art gravimetric blending equipment and procedures to ensure reliable standards. The mixtures are then analyzed in our laboratory to confirm concentration.  Our high-purity gas formulations include:


   -  Scientific Air

   -  Oxygen

   -  Helium

   -  Nitrogen

   -  Hydrogen

   -  Argon

   -  Carbon Dioxide

   -  Ethylene



Hazardous Gas


   -  Carbon Monoxide

   -  Hydrogen Cyanide

   -  Cyanogen Chloride

   -  Nitric Oxide

   -  Hydrogen Chloride

   -  Chlorine

   -  Hydrogen Fluoride

   -  Nitrogen Dioxide


These materials are representative examples only.  For additional customization, multi-component mixtures, or material availability, please contact Custom Gas Solutions.



Chemical Synthesis

   Custom Gas Solutions will, when necessary and possible, research and synthesize materials commercially unavailable for mixtures. This service is available by contract only and will conform to and may be limited by US standards on chemical weapons.


Contract Manufacturing

   Custom Gas Solutions, LLC manufactures a wide variety of gas mixtures and devices under private label for other companies.


Distribution Services

   Custom Gas Solutions, LLC will stock and distribute items related to the compressed gas industry on a contract basis.