Case Study 1: Medical Application


    A researcher approached Custom Gas to formulate a high-purity, specialized gas that was not commercially available.  Custom Gas researched synthetic pathways to meet the purity and stability specifications of the customer.  A synthesis procedure was defined and optimized.  Formulation methods were established and long-term stability was established and documented.  PPB to PPM gas standards were manufactured and proven.  The specialized gas was manufactured and distributed by Custom Gas under a private label for the customer.


    Custom Gas also worked to contribute to the development of the gas delivery device and supported research and GLP studies for the customer.




Case Study 2: Industrial Application


    A customer approached Custom Gas to provide consulting and design services for a high-speed gas delivery/blending system.  The customer had strict specifications on the repeatability of the gas blending and cycle time.  Custom Gas evaluated the design feasibility through theoretical models, completed a process validation, and delivered the prototype with an onsite installation.